Hostinger vs Hostgator vs Bluehost which is best in 2020

Hostinger vs Hostgator vs Bluehost which is best in 2020

Hostinger vs Hostgator vs Bluehost:– Whenever an Indian Blogger has to make a Hosting Purchase, most people recommend it for Hostgator or Bluehost. Because both of them have spread marketing like Oppo & Vivo across India. Because of which these two names remain in everyone’s mind. Whereas both these two Cheap, Fast Services offer many Hosting Providers, of which Hostinger is also one.

Here I will show you some live comparison, by which you will know. Why Hostinger is the Best from Hostgator and Bluehost. After that you can deside which hosting service will be good for your website.

Hosting Plans & Pricing

India mostly has WordPress Blogger, which uses Web Hosting and VPS Hosting the most. If we talk about Hostinger Web Hosting, then its basic plan starts from $ 2.15 / month. Which also gives 30 Day Back Guarantee with 99% Uptime Guarantee. While Hostgator & Bluehost’s Basic Web Hosting Plan is available for $ 3.99 / month and $ 2.95 / month, no Guarantee is available once you buy.

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Similarly to talk about VPS Hosting, Bluehost and Hostgator only have 3-3 plans. Which start at around $ 19.99 / Month. Whereas Hostinger has 6 plans for VPS and it starts at $ 4.95 / month. Which is true for both Beginner & Experience users.

Website Migration & Speed

Website Migration means hosting your website on another hosting than a Hosting Provider. 90% of bloggers do not know how to do a website migrate. In such a situation, he takes help of his Hosting Provider. Many Hosting Providers charge money for Site Migration or do not provide service. While this service is completely free in Hostinger.

Similarly, if the loading time of your website is not less, then your website becomes slow. Because of which both Search Engine and Visitor Ignore your website. Due to which Alexa Rank, along with Traffic, your website income is also reduced. In Hostinger you will get fast website Speed ​​from both Hostgator and Bluehost.


Sometimes you must have seen that 502 & 503 error comes on opening the website. This error comes because the hosting’s Uptime is not correct. In Hostinger Web Hosting & VPS Hosting, you will get 100% Uptime according to its features. Whereas in Bluehost and Hostgator it is around 99%.


Friends, as a Blogger, if we do a Hosting Search for a WordPress Website. So in this, we check Features like Bandwidth, Uptime, Storage, cPanel, Price. In Hostinger Web Hosting, you have all these features much better than any other hosting services. I have just bought its Premium Web Hosting Plan. With this, I also got a Free Domain. As of now I am very Satisfy with Hostinger Service. Like me, you can use its Hosting Service for 100% Recommendation.

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