Hostgator Hosting Provider full Review in 2020

Hostgator Hosting Provider full Review in 2020

Hostgator Hosting Review:– Friends, Hostgator hosting is a well-known web hosting company, which has gained its hold in the internet very fast and today it is very much a success. I know that there will be many of you bloggers whose blogs are still in Blogger and now you want to shift your blog to WordPress. Which is exactly your decision.

But to create or shift a blog in WordPress, it is very important for you to have hosting because without hosting you will not be able to make even 1% of the blog in WordPress.

There are many companies in the Internet that provide web hosting, but we will talk about cheap & best hostgator india hosting.

Hostgator Hosting Review

Before buying hosting from Hostgator India we will talk about Hostgator India hosting review, learn about its pros and cons.

Hostgator Company is a public company which was launched on 22 October 2002, its founder is Brent Oxley.

Initially, hostgator India was behind other hosting in terms of speed, but now it has become quite reliable and today is considered one of the best web hosting in India.

Pros and Cons of buying Hostgator Hosting

Just as nothing in the world is not 100% right, there are definitely some shortages, in the same way these things fit over web hosting as well.

If you are new to the blogging field and you buy the hosting without just knowing the name, then you are making a big mistake here.

Because, the new blogger does not know much about hosting and they start blogging by purchasing the wrong hosting, due to which they start having problems related to hosting server, support and hacking in future.

So before buying hosting, you should know very well about that hosting whether it will be perfect for your blog or not.

So, let us tell you about the Pros and Cons of Hostgator India Hosting.

Hostgator India Hosting Pros

Let me explain point to point about what will be the benefit of buying hosting from Hostgator India.

Hosting Speed ​​& Performance in 2020

We all like speed, their speed has improved a lot over the years, as well as it hosts the website with well optimized.

We all know that the highest mater for any blog is hosting speed, if any hosting provider does not provide good speed, then that website is considered useless in Google.

But, hostgator has achieved a lot of achievement over the years and has also received awards.

Their speed and performance have given better experience for users. Many big professional bloggers also praise hostgator hosting.

Security Features

After purchasing hosting, we are also worried about our website that whenever online users come to our site, it should find your website secure and trustable.

In such a situation, we need an SSL certificate to maintain confidence about the security of the blog and the readers, which is very important to be in the website.

By taking the hosting from Hostgator India, you get a free SSL certificate that protects your website.

Hosting plan

Hostgator India comes with Hosting 3 plan.

Shared Hosting: – Shared Hosting is the best for Newbie Blogger because new website does not get much traffic and is the best for beginner.

VPS Hosting: – It offers features like full root access, high speed SSD storage, this hosting is the best option for those whose website gets traffic from 50,000 to 1 lakh daily.
Dedicated Servers: – This server has many advantages, it keeps your full control and handles unlimited traffic but it is the most expensive server but we do not need it at all.

Cheap & Affordable Price

The biggest problem of the new blogger is that they are unable to afford hosting because without hosting in WordPress you cannot do anything in the blog, so you will have to take hosting.

So hostgator India has offered to buy hosting at a very low price, you can buy this hosting at a very low price.

Its best thing is that you can buy its starter plan for just Rs 159 per month.

Payment Options

Many bloggers want to purchase hosting but they do not have Credit Card or PayPal account, as most of the hosting (A2 hosting, Bluehost, Siteground) etc. are paid by credit card only, due to which many bloggers buy hosting Don’t get

But, the best part in hostgator india hosting is that they accept Indian payments in all ways.

If you do not have credit card or paypal account, then you can easily pay hosting through Debit Card / NEFT / RTGS / NET Banking / UPI.

Money Back Guarantee: (45 Days)

Sometimes we do not like hosting and even get money but in hostgator India hosting, it is not so if you are not happy with their hosting facility then you can take refund.

They have the facility of Money Back Guarantee, if you buy hosting from hostgator and for some reason you are not happy with their service then you can claim for refund within 45 days.

You can also check their policy for more information about money back guarantee.

Good Customer Support

Their customer support is very good, I am telling this with my experience, their support is available 24 × 7.

If you need any kind of help, you can contact them through live chat, phone call, and ticket and get a solution for your problem.

Cons to buying hosting from Hostgator

As I said earlier that no one in the world is 100% perfect, if there is any benefit then there will be its disadvantages. Now I am going to tell you point to point about some cons of Hostgator India hosting.

Site Migration not Free

Transferring data from one hosted WordPress site to another hosting is called site migration.

I found the biggest problem in this hosting is site migration, they do not provide service to migrate site in shared hosting.

Currently, many hosting companies migrate sites for free, such as A2 Hosting, in which they migrate sites for free. but in hostgator india it does not,

Although site migration to VPS server and Dedicated server are available but they are paid service, you can read this for more information.

This is not a problem for new bloggers, but for those who are already in the WordPress platform and want to come to hostgator India. then this is a concern for them.

No Provide Free (TLD) Domain

If you get hosting from Hostgator India, you will not get a domain for free. while usually some hosting providers provide TLD (Top Level Domain) domain free with their new hosting users.

However, sometimes this free domain is also provided at the time of special occasion. but this policy does not always remain.

So if you want to get hosting, then you have to buy the domain separately (Godaddy / Bigrock).

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